Monday, April 19, 2010

A "Simple Truth"

We have a collection of books on our shelves in the children's playroom, all of which are worth holding on to for one reason or another.  I am drawn to books that are inspirational, or reminders of how we should live while experiencing this relatively short life.  Life should not be as complicated as we make it.  Life should be appreciated for the time that it is vibrant, and respected at the time of its expiration.  However, unfortunately, our human nature is to worry and stress when most of the time it turns out to be wasted emotion.  The choice to be positive no matter what the circumstance, is just that:  a choice. 

I periodically like to trust the universe with sending me a message so I do silly tests or trials...such as, randomly opening a book and reading the first thing I lay my eyes on and accept it as what I was meant to read at that given time.

So, this morning while straightening up the kids' playroom (notice I didn't say "cleaning it" because that will take a day or two!), I looked to our bookshelf and reached for a book called "Simple Truths" by Kent Hurburn.  I closed my eyes and opened to a random page.  Surprisingly, I opened to the "Parenthood" section, and here is what I read:
"When you experience parenthood, the whole world remakes itself before your eyes. Nature aligns itself. You understand your parents more and honor them more for the love they gave and the struggles they had. You see your own imperfections cast in high relief, because you know how much you want to do things right, and how hard it is to know what it is you should do. You feel the unity of generations cascading into generations from the beginning of time. You feel something in the world that is more important than yourself. Your life suddenly becomes centered. Your own failings are cast in high relief, but so are your own strengths. You know what it is you believe in and must pass along. If you have a chance at parenthood, look upon it with a sense of mystery and awe. You are given the joy of watching life afresh, and the chance to help another human being take flight into the richness and mystery of life. The very clay of which our world is made is, for a brief moment, placed in your hands."
Now if that doesn't sum up what parenthood means to me, and all of its complexity!  However, with the complexity comes the simplest of truths:  Love is the meaning of it all, and is defined in the deepest sense as that between a parent and child. 

I hope that our children will love those in need, and will want to reach out to them whenever they get the chance.  A smile, a simple act of kindness, a donation of food, clothing, or money--simple things, a simple truth.  Every one of us can make a difference in the lives of those in need.  Hopefully our project will set that example for our children, as Joe and I attempt to pass along our strengths more than our failings. 

May you go out and shed a little light and love on someone today!  It's so easy to do...

"Come on people now, smile on your brother everybody get together and try to love one another right now."--The Youngbloods

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