Sunday, January 24, 2010

"I Saw God Today..."

To celebrate my brother Adam's (a.k.a. "Bobo") 29th birthday, our family went to Jesse James' Cisco's Grill which is right next door to the infamous Jesse James "West Coast Choppers".  Our reason for going there is because Adam has a strong affinity for motorcycles, as he is currently building his very first one.  My Mom thought it would be fun to go there and have a burger, so we did.  Giovanni was again my date as Daddy and Sophia were not home from the mountains just yet.  We had some great grub while gawking at all of the cool motor bikes that continuously entered the parking lot. 

After finishing our lunch, the family decided to take a walk next door to look at Jesse James' showcase bikes through the window, as Sunday is a closed showroom day.  Almost immediately upon exiting the restaurant a man, who looked a bit disoriented, mumbled something to us and noone was able to decipher his words. My brother-in-law, Luke, then asked him to repeat what he had said.  The man said, "Can you buy me a hamburger?" to which my wonderfully gracious brother-in-law replied, "Sure!  I'll buy you a hamburger!", and off they went--back to the restaurant.  We all whimpered with delight as the feeling of seeing our Luke jump at the chance to help was so touching!  (Not surprising because that is the type of guy that Luke is).  I looked at my adorable siblings and said out-loud, "You see how wonderful it is and feels to feed people???"  We all were smiling ear-to-ear knowing that Luke made a huge difference in that man's life today. 

When Luke returned, he shared part of their conversation with us.  He said that the man told him, "You can come with me to buy it so that you can see that I don't want your money. I only want a hamburger."  Luke then proceeded to share that when the two of them entered the restaurant, Luke attempted to buy him the large size hamburger to which the humbled, hungry man replied, "No thank you, I only want the small one."  He even refused the offer of french fries and a milk shake. 

This is how I believe God works...He uses people to accomplish His mission of loving one's neighbor as oneself. There is a great country song that George Strait sings called, "I Saw God Today", as it describes a man experiencing the birth of his little girl.  Well, I too saw God today...and he was dressed in Luke's clothes.

How fitting to leave you today with a quote that Luke's mom, Nancy, sent to me:

"To a man with an empty stomach, food is God."--Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Jen what an amazing entry today. I love it. What a great way to spend a birthday with family and so "coincidental" that during your quest to help people someone "runs" into you for need. I do believe there are no accidents and that everything happens on purpose. and you know how much I love that are an amazing heid.

  2. I tried your Italian Pot roast last night. It was so yummy!!! I did Orzo too. I sauteed mushrooms and garlic in butter and I thought of you when you said adding handfuls of cheese. Delicious! Thanks for bringing the fun back into cooking!! Love your amazing talents and energy...your fan, Heidi