Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Thumbs Up!"

As you can see, this low-fat version of Chicken Parmesan recieved a dual thumbs-up from the critics! You will see from the posted picture of this dish (shown above in "Chicken Parmigiana"), that it looks quite sloppy, but whenever a dish calls for cheese to be melted on top, the cheese takes on a life of its own.
This recipe came from the Martha Stewart magazine called "Living", and it is featured in the "Healthy Living" section. Martha gives us a healthy version of this infamous Italian, breaded, and usually, deep-fried dish. This version called for Triscuit crackers, parsley, a bit of salt, and oregano as the "breaded" portion, with egg-whites as the batter. I have to say, this recipe is so-far my favorite in the taste category...and I love that it is guilt-free in the nutritional department!

In yesterday's mail, I received a lovely hand-written letter from my wonderful mother-in-law with her "Chicken Cacciatore" recipe. Just seeing her handwriting makes me feel so special, as I know she took the time to sit down and write out this recipe for us to add to our collection. She also included five dollars for our Donations Jar. We are so grateful! This new Cacciatore recipe came from the children's "Italian Grandma", who loves them more than words can express, and who took the time to contribute to our project. We will certainly be making that soon! How we wish she lived closer as her wisdom and culinary skills could teach me a lot in the kitchen! Her letter is going in the jar as well, right along side Nancy's.

Joe's comments about this recipe were, "Jenn, this is OUTSTANDING!" So glad to be keeping my husband's belly full and happy!

Recipe to follow...but I'll leave you with a funny quote that I came across:

"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again."--George Miller
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